Online Instructor Certification Program

Cardio Yoga

[kahr-dee-oh yoh-guh]

  1. a practice of improving our inner self while training at cardiovascular intensity
  2. sweat drenching moving meditation
  3. the next dimension of fitness
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The next dimension of fitness

Group of people practicing Cardio Yoga
  • Each Class is a Calorie Blasting Moving Meditation
  • A Vinyasa of Dynamic Asanas
  • Rooted in Yoga, Based on Science
  • Created by International Fitness & Yoga Presenter Stacey Lei Krauss
  • Produced by trusted Savvier Fitness®, a leader in certifying thousands of fitness professionals
  • Uplifts the Physical: cardio, strength and functional fitness
  • Uplifts the Mind: mental, resiliency and emotional fitness
  • Continuing Education Credits (CECs: 3.0 ACE, 19 AFAA, 30 SCW, 1.9 NASM, Yoga Alliance)
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Connecting Movement, Mind, & Emotions


A Vinyasa (a flowing sequence) of Dynamic Yoga Asanas (yoga postures set into dynamic movement)


The entire class is structured as a guided meditation using a revolutionary method for teaching and layering physical and emotional cues.


Based on the science of power postures, movement patterns are specifically designed and cued to evoke emotion creating uplifting feelings of joy and confidence.

Online Instructor Certification Program

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  • Everything you need to learn, practice and master becoming a Cardio Yoga certified instructor
  • Online video immersion course. Learn at your own pace and privacy of your home
  • Step by Step online workbook, study plan, scripting and class design tools
  • Online Exercise Library of Dynamic Asanas with progressions, regressions and cueing
  • Online Example workouts showing formats both with higher cardio focus and with higher yoga focus
  • Includes CEC certificate for completion of online program (3.0 ACE, 19 AFAA, 30 SCW, 1.9 NASM, Yoga Alliance)